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February 20, 2007 | 11:55 pm
Day Two of my San Francisco trip
featured the reason I ventured northward on that particular weekend: the world premiere of improv group Crisis Hopkins and the birthday of one of its members, Sam Shaw. For purposes of full disclosure, Sam is the bastard man who discovered the moldy remains of the Babcock siblings and resurrected them for several intense years of a brutal world improv tour. There was whispered rumors that a Babcock or two attended last Friday’s event, swathed in bandages and attached to IV drips that smelled suspiciously of grappa mixed with strawberry Flavor-Aid.

I was pleased to be among the who’s-who of the Bay Area improv scene at the Dark Room — although being an improviser is Ventura is (um) rewarding in its own right, I miss my homies and all the shit they’re getting into up there.

I am never more happy when I am viewing improvisers that really like each other. The Crisis camaraderie came through loud and clear and both halves of the show were chock-full of really great moments of connection and agreement and just reveling in each other’s funniness. The hiphoppy freestyley element was pretty intriguing. It did not hurt things that Crisis Anthony is blazingly hott and appears to be straight — in SF, good lord! As rare as a burrito in Norway!

Not only that, I had:

  • a startlingly good lunchie at Esperpento with college roommate Leepy;
  • a painful/good consumer experience at the Land of Polypropylene, Daiso;
  • post-impro drinks with two of my favorite living humans, DD and MM, at Homestead; and
  • well, Day Two couldn’t have been perfecter.

Wait’ll you see Day Three!

The photos are here.

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