Diary Entry: December 6, Age 14

December 5, 2007 | 10:44 pm

As part of my Advent Calendar project, I am presenting excerpts from my actual teenage diaries!

[backstory: Andy Legear was member of the relatively obscure band, Rosetta Stone, which featured members of the Bay City Rollers]

Rebecca Legear. Becky Legear. Dr. Legear. Mrs. Legear. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Legear. Becky Haycox.

Anyway, I really love him.

One Response to “Diary Entry: December 6, Age 14”

  1. cardiogirl says:

    I remember the days of trying on a love interest’s last name. So fun!

    Hey, can I be a pretend Commie? Cardiogirl that d@mn Commie!