hitting buttons, including the reset

January 21, 2013 | 2:52 pm

Thank you, Jeana, for gently reminding me that it’s been some time since I’ve written anything here. She (as well as many of you) know how much I have going on, but it’s nice to know that some of my friends miss my online voice — as do I!

I’m going to start very gently, and definitely not jump into discussing the very intense last few weeks (some good intensity as well as some very, very bad).

Instead, I’m going to tentatively* announce that my new year starts now. Push the reset button, please! It’s a good day to declare this — it’s MLK Jr. Day and Inauguration Day and a very pretty, warm, not-too-windy day.

[*oh so tentatively: we’re not completely out of the muck that mucked up the first part of January.]


Reset buttons … buttons in general … speaking of buttons!

The east coast in winter is about being overly hot with periodic blasts of being breathtakingly cold. But what you remember is the hot. And the dry, oh so dry. Crackly static and nosebleeds and dehydration are always threatening, at least for me.

I came back to California to some chilly weather (and lots of pictures on Facebook of FROST! on the LAWN!) Again, it was dry, and now we’re experiencing Santa Ana (or Santana) winds. AGAIN, dry, and this time creepily hot.

All this is to say: I have been unbelievable thirsty almost all the time. So I did it, something I was too cheap and cautious to do before.

I bought a Sodastream.

The Sodastream, despite all the myths and legends, does exactly one thing and one thing only: it makes bubbly water. That is all. Nothing else. You screw on a bottle containing cold tap water, put a button a couple times, and there you go, soda water, the end.

But (in line with all the other myths and legends) I love it. It’s big and unwieldy and red and there are lots and lots of rules and warnings and it’s spendy but — I love it.

World Market has a sale on some syrups and mixers and so I bought some and now have flavored bubbly water (add the flavoring afterwards) when I want it, too.

Don’t use it wrong, like not screwing the bottle on tight enough or doing short enough blasts with the button. Only a tiny malfunction here, thank goodness.

Elderly Relative likes bubbly water, too.

elderly relative likes soda water.

You BET that’s the Christmas tree still up! Walk a January in my shoes and see if your tree’s still up (it will be).

This is an unpaid endorsement of reset buttons, magic buttons that create soda, and these keyboard buttons that keep me writing.

To a clear, nourishing, balmy new year of your choice and making. And to blue skies ahead.

14 Responses to “hitting buttons, including the reset”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for writing. I appreciate the reset buttons of life. And would love to get a Sodastream too. Take care!

  2. Jeana says:

    Yay! I’m a big fan of reset buttons. And bubbly water. And pink Christmas trees. It’s good to have you back, friend! <3

  3. carol says:

    Nobody cares that your tree is still up. Was funny though, I looked at the picture and the next line I read you were answering my thought – that was weird but in a good way. I have always wanted to just throw a sheet over mine and push it in some closet and then un-sheet it next Christmas. Hang in there friend, stay in your lane and you’ll be okay :)

  4. Bella says:

    Glad to see your post! Better days ahead, Sistah! xoxo

  5. ├ůsta says:

    Congrats on your purchase, my friend. Just remember that white wine + Sodastream does NOT make champagne… ;)

  6. Cloudy says:

    What a fantastic idea. I could use a reset button myself. Sorry it had been so challenging but onward.

  7. regina says:

    Big hugs to you. And here’s to putting January behind us.

    LOVE the videos! I’ve been tempted to buy a sodastream, but having had a soda siphon for a couple of decades, I can’t rationalize getting one. Yet. :)

  8. hambox says:

    Thanks RR. Yes, January, begone! Lots of love and warmth to you, too.

    Love the ‘Stream! Love it!

  9. hambox says:

    Thanks, dear Cloudy.

  10. hambox says:

    Ack! Good to know! :)

  11. hambox says:

    Thanks, hon!

  12. hambox says:

    Thanks, Rebecca! I miss you!

  13. hambox says:

    It’s good to BE back in so many ways. <3

  14. hambox says:

    Christmas Tree: Still Up! I’m loud and proud.