have a great summer see you next fall

June 2, 2014 | 5:01 pm

How many times have you or I written that out in a yearbook — scrawled feverishly while still in motion, looking for that girl or that boy to sign yours. And most likely, s/he signed with the same old silliness. Until, of course, once you arrive at your very best friend’s yearbook, the multiple page novel begins, full of “we’ll be friends 4ever”s. I skimmed through the epic my stepsister wrote in my senior yearbook, and have yet to puzzle my way past the walls of inside jokes that are … well … meaningless now.

Hi diary! How I’ve missed you. I have not yet written about Birthday nor Hawaii nor the recent shooting spree nor puppies nor kittens nor ongoing preoccupations with death and fear.

What was that, now? Oh, never mind me.

I’ve been going deep, lately, trying to feel like myself again, which is not who I’ve been feeling like for a while. This entity in which I’m living looks and acts* like Becky but isn’t completely her.

This is not an identity crisis with a threat level of any kind. In fact, I’m pretty cheerful. I’m just in a certain headspace.

In the meantime, marvel at me employing the word “headspace” and enjoy with me a headlong jump into having a summery summer** by

  • wearing flipflops to EVERYTHING, even work meetings!
  • walking in the ocean (hey! I leave on the coast! so the pacific may not be the pacific of KAUAI THE PERFECT PLACE, I still live a five minute drive from a beach).
  • inviting myself to every barbecue ever
  • enjoying the spectacle of distracted, nuts, nearly vibrating classrooms full of kids waitingwaitingwaiting for school to be out for the summer.

Now cue the Alice Cooper song in your brain.

Thanks, brain. Whoever you are. BFF!!!

* and TASTES :p

** I did not go outside recreationally last summer due to, you know. That house?


One Response to “have a great summer see you next fall”

  1. Hannah says:

    We only had a yearbook at the end of year 11 as it was part of the extra curricular stuff we were encouraged (haha) to do. it was of course all about being friends with the committee to make sure that you got your picture in the right place and you didn’t end up with a stupid picture. As I was a band geek I didn’t really have time to be on the yearbook committee – I remember our tutor group having our picture taken and it was a really bad picture as I nearly fell over in the middle of the shot!

    I have two shirts that I had signed on the last day of term – I don’t know if you have it in the US but it’s something we do here – you get either your winter shirt (that you had to wear with a tie!) or your summer polo shirt and a marker pen and get people to sign them. My friend wrote to the affect of “I’m not really sure what to write as I’ll see you in September!”