little guy is dead; long live little guy

May 4, 2013 | 5:10 pm

There is a lot, oh so very much a lot to do. I tried to write a condensed list of the tasks that must be accomplished over the next few 3.5 months, but I gulped, got an immediate ulcer, and deleted it.

The only good thing about an epic to-do list is that I can pick from a variety of things to tackle. Feel like painting? Grab a brush and the nearest thing and start slapping on some color!

Untitled Untitled



(very subtle after/before, maybe lattice painting isn’t worth it?)

Feel like driving and lifting? Get some shit into storage! Feel like being on the laptop? Get some of these furniture atrocities photographed and onto Craigslist!

Goodbye couch!

(Goodbye, chintz-plosion. I put it on Craigslist and some youth pastors contacted me; they wanted to use it for a “couch race”. I waived the cost and waved bye bye to another Golden Girls memento.)

The Boyf and I are hitting the backyard hard. A near-decade of neglect doesn’t clean up very quickly (surprise surprise). It’s been sort of nice to uncover still-living plants under the debris. I found a cute little cactus that not only was still alive, but was sporting a little crown of miniscule flowers. However, the Elderly Relative spotted it the next day and threw it away. I could not find it anywhere. This is a thing he does that drives me insane (see: throwing away the Thanksgiving flower arrangements).

The Boyf surprised me the next day with a new cactus. It’s stuff like this that keeps me going.


Long live the little guy.

One Response to “little guy is dead; long live little guy”

  1. Jeana says:

    That might be the cutest cactus in the world. You know, if cactuses (cacti?) were cute. Also, what the heck is a couch race?? And I love the term “Boyf.” I might have to steal that.