hot links, coming through

August 27, 2006 | 2:24 am

  • Tacky little Flash animations with tacky little (yet infectious) songs. Ugh, they’re the polyester of the internet. Yet.. yet.. every once in a while, one must don the polyester. [source: webzen]
  • The twisted films of PES yields up drowning nut and the scandalous roof sex. Very cute; but then rogue peanut comes on and taps a very specific happy center of my brain. I’m sure there are other gems but patience for my plodding internet access runs out right about now. [source: the delightful andy]
  • Dirty car art: can’t get my head around how this is done. And the impermanence of it all — urban mandalas, yeah! [source: lady fantastica, hillary]
  • Stupid little shooty fun games. Ugh, they’re the crack of the internet. And with that, I enable you with Pop Flop. [source: some sadist]
  • Update: Delightful animation by a magical Russian: Bathtime in Clerkenwell by Alex Budovsky [thanx for finding it, Andy-poo]

2 Responses to “hot links, coming through”

  1. Dagda says:

    Have you seen “Meat Clown”? I think it’s been around for awhile but I just saw it for the first time last night. It’s my new favorite claymation. I can’t stop giggling as I watch it because it’s sooo creepy and great. And it has an exhaustingly catchy tune. Meat clown, meat clown, la la, la la la la…

  2. me says:

    Oh my. I found it:
    Definitely creepy and great! Note the power of a good soundtrack. Thanks Dagda!

    I notice the animator thanks Gary Schwartz, who I learned animation from, too!